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Версия Android 10.0
Процессор Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 (MSM8953), 8ми ядерный 64-bit A53, the main frequency reaches 2.0GHz, 14nmLPP process
Память оперативная 4GB DDR4, встроенная 64GB Emmc memory standard
Встроенный микрофон
Графический процессор (GPU): GPU uses Adreno 506 to support 4K Ultra HD H.264 (AVC) 30FPS decoding playback
Разрешение матрицы 1280*480
2 USB входа, 1 TF карта; 1 SIM карта
Поддержка Mirrorlink - Android и IOS
Встроенный высокочувствительный GPS
Встроенный WIFI, поддержка 3D карт
Поддержка Multi Touch
Встроенный Canbus, поддержка джойстиков (iDrive)
Поддержка передачи оригинальных данных автомобиля
GPS звук поддерживается передним левым динамиком автомобиля
Совместим с оригинальными экранами 5.8 / 7 / 8 / 10.25 дюймов
Совместим / без оптики (подключение AUX и USB AUX)
Совместим / не используется штатная навигация
Поддержка всех оригинальных функций
Поддержка штатного радио (в оригинальном режиме)
Встроенный Bluetooth, поддержка оригинального Bluetooth
Поддержка джойстика (IDrive) управление в меню Android
Поддержка джойстика (IDrive) управление в оригинальном меню
Поддержка оригинальной и не оригинальной камеры
Поддержка оригинальной системы парковки (радары)
Автоматическое переключение на USB AUX (не поддерживается на аналоговом AUX)
Поддержка системы двойного экрана
Встроенная функция режима ночного экрана для улучшения визуальных эффектов
Поддержка голосового управления
Встроенный центральный процессор Hexagon 546 DSP лучшее качество звука!
Используется X9 LTE модем, полная поддержка 4G сетей: LTE Category 7 (downstream) / 13 (upstream)!
Поддержка 3х основных спутниковых систем: GPS / Beidou / Glonass, высокая чувствительность!
Поддержка dual-band 2.4G and 5G WIFI, полностью использовать современные мобильные телефоны, поддерживающие 5G hotspots
Поддержка SD card SD 3.0, макс. 128GB
Поддержка распространенных видео форматов: MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV, FLV и другие распространенные форматы видео!
Поддержка распространенных аудиоформатов: MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, APE, WAV и другие распространенные аудио форматы!

WIFI характеристики:
Поддержка двух диапазонного WIFI
Частоты: 2.4G и 5G
Поддерживаемые частоты: 2.4~2.496GHz, 4.9~5.85GHz • Rate: up to 433 Mbps (5G)
Стандарт сети: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Поддержка WIFI direct

Bluetooth Характеристики
Bluetooth версии: 4.1+ BR/EDR+BLE
Поддерживает совмещение Bluetooth и WIFI сетей
Максимальная мощность: 9dBm
Максимальная чувствительность приема: -91dBm
Дальность передачи: 10 meters

Installation 5000
Price 45000

You have a car with standard navigation, but it does not suit you due to the lack of service "traffic jams", you do not have factory navigation and you would like to install it. In most cases, to install an additional navigation unit, you will need a video interface that commutes the work of a regular monitor in car-android mode. All regular functions of the car always remain unchanged, our equipment does not violate the work of any regular functions. Regular rear-view cameras and all-round viewing systems work from any position, be it an android or a regular menu. An incoming call in a regular handsfree system will turn off the sound of the android media application. Controlling the volume of Android applications is possible using the buttons on the steering wheel. A regular monitor in a car does not meet your image quality image in the light of modern technologies, and you would like to replace it with a monitor with decent parameters, and you would like to change its size, say, from 5 inches to 8, from 8 inches to 10 or even 12 !!!. Replacing the monitor with a larger one with the Android operating system installed! It is important for you which operating system will be used when installing an additional navigation-multimedia center and we will offer you a choice of different solutions that differ in price, parameters and functionality. Today we are actively installing equipment from Korean and Chinese manufacturers with Android (Android) 8-13 operating systems.

The main task in upgrading the standard multimedia system is the installation of modern navigation applications that allow you to use the "traffic jams" service and travel anywhere in the world. We will offer you such programs as Yandex Navigator, Yandex Maps, Navitel, Progorod, City Guide, iGO, Sygic, MapsMe, Waze, Google Maps and many others. Also popular today are anti-radar programs that allow you to get rid of bulky devices on the windshield. This is Arrow Antiradar, MapInfo and many others.
Your multimedia center does not play video in motion and does not support modern video and audio file formats (MPG, MP4, M2TS, VLF, MPEG4, MKV, AVI, AAC, FLAC, etc), and you think that if you stand in traffic jams It’s not bad to watch any video content, for example, Internet TV, popular videos from the Youtube channel, your favorite movies recorded on external media, such as a USB flash drive or an external hard drive. All this is possible with the installation of an additional navigation multimedia center with the Android OS.
A very popular device in the car, today, is a digital TV tuner standard DVB-T2, which works at any speed in all cities of Russia, where digital television is implemented.
In your car, as elsewhere, where you use modern gadgets, you need internet. It is not at all difficult to organize a mobile WIFI 4G access point in the car, c
with its help, all passengers in the car will get access to high-speed Internet, and your new navigator on the standard monitor will pave the shortest path, taking into account traffic jams.
Additional navigation and multimedia equipment based on the Android operating system (Android) will help you to use on the screen of a regular monitor such applications as a DVR, an OBDII diagnostic device that will not save you from serious problems, but will help the machine to "cope" with the Check Engine problem when refueling with poor quality fuel. You can watch Internet TV, listen to streaming music, pair your smartphone (AirPlay / Miracast) with iOS or Android with a full-screen monitor and transfer necessary video, audio files and photos to it.
In case your car is not equipped with parking cameras, we will offer installation of front, rear view cameras or all-round viewing systems. For rear passengers, depending on the configuration of the entertainment system or its absence, we suggest installing overhead monitors of various diagonal with different mounting options, including vertical (for cars with a panoramic roof), mounted monitors with and without the built-in operating system, as well as additional equipment of the standard system Multimedia TV prefix Android or Apple TV.

Optional equipment
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